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Imax b6ac manuale italiano

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Your Cart. Add to Wish List. Free shipping. Get free shipping on this product. COD Available. Get best after-sale support From our Technical team with different Tutorials. Description Reviews Description:. It supports up to six strings polymer lithium balance charging, charging currents up to 5A. It also has a discharge function, discharge current up to 1A.

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This product is also built-in polymer lithium battery balancer, you can string two, three string, 4 string, 5 string, 6-string balance polymer lithium battery charging, so charge better. Side of the fuselage design of the temperature sensor interface. B6AC uses a backlit dot matrix LCD display, can display the operation menu and charging status, convenient and intuitive, but also very beautiful.

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Caricabatterie da Softair - (IMAX B6AC)

AD: Drone sales. Sponosored AD. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! First Quadcopter is the best aerial drone and FPV quadcopter resource for all pilots. We help everyone from newbies to professional flyers to discover the latest drone news. Read about how to build your own done. Here you can find only honest quadcopter reviews. Racing enthusiasts will find wide range of super fast FPV drones.

Enjoy safely piloting radio controlled UAVs! Reproduction of any portion of this website only at the permission of FirstQuadcopter. Contact us: rcdronenews gmail. Testimonials Contact Us.Like us? Please hit the Like button below:. It's all-powerful at an extremely well known model to enthusiasts in the RC and model hobby industry.

Especially for Lithium batteries, it can prevent the overcharging which may lead to an explosion. It can disconnect form the circuit automatically and sound an alarm if any malfunction is detected. All the programs of this product are controlled through two way linkage and communication buttons to achieve maximum safety and minimize setting confusion.

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During the process of discharging, the B6AC can monitor and balance each cell of the battery individually. An Error message will be displayed and the process will be ended automatically if the voltage of any single one cell is abnormal. Delta-peak sensitivity: Automatic charge termination program based on the principle of Delta-peak voltage detection.

When the battery's voltage exceeds the threshold, the process will be terminated automatically. The charging capacity is calculated as the charging current multiplied by time. If the charging capacity exceeds the limit, the process will be terminated automatically when you set the maximum value. If the temperature limit is reached, the process will be terminated. If using a car battery as a DC input power source the B6AC constantly monitors the battery for low voltage.

If the voltage drops below the lower limit, the process will be ended automatically. You can store the data pertaining each batteries' program setting of their continuous charging or discharging. Users can recall this data at any time without any special program setting. Cart 0. Maximum Safety Delta-peak sensitivity: Automatic charge termination program based on the principle of Delta-peak voltage detection.

Capacity limit The charging capacity is calculated as the charging current multiplied by time. Processing Time Limit You can also limit the maximum process time to avoid any possible possible problems. Customer Reviews Based on 8 reviews Write a review.The flashy range of input options and settings looks great, but how do you actually go about using them?

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Push it in firmly, and stop when you hear a beep from the unit to tell you that the cord has been connected. A welcome message should also appear on the display screen, just to clear any doubt. Pressing the far left button will confirm your choice and let you move on.

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The button second from the right will scroll through the task options — charge, discharge, balance, fast charge, storage etc — until you find the one you want to use. Again, the far right button will confirm your choice. Pressing the far right button to enter will let you move on to setting the voltage, again scrolling using the central two buttons and pressing enter. The first set are the ones that look like your high school circuits class equipment, often complete with crocodile clips!

The sockets to plug them into are on the right hand side of the unit near the bottom, and should be easy enough to spot. Then you want to connect the loose battery cable to the end of the red and black ones, creating a closed loop. Of course, you can always do this before you power up the charger, but that can be a little risky in case you input the wrong settings first time round!

Again, use the enter button. While the battery is charging, you can scroll through different display screens using the two central buttons, which will tell you information about the charging process and its progress in a range of formats.

If all else fails, manually disconnecting the lot and eliminating the external power source will work as a last resort, but treat every open end as though it is live for a good long time afterwards, as it takes a while for all energy transmission to stop!

Charging Lithium batteries in parallel or in series is also possible with this charger, which is a great timesaver so long as you do it properly! Sign In Login or Join. Action Figures. Tin Toys. Play Dough. Art Sets. Science Kits.

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Matthew98 Regular Contributor Posts: 74 Country:. Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself to this forum by asking for help. I bought a fake imax b6 charger half year ago, or so. Everything was OK, but it recently went horribly wrong in front of my eyes. One day i was measuring Lion cell capacity by discharging it through the unit, as many times before.

The cell had big capacity. At least thats what the unit displayed. When i smelt a burn from the unit, i disconnected everything and started diagnostic. The interface is all right, but some dumb electronic must have failed, because there is stable 12V at output! When i want to select for example Lion battery with nothing connected, it shows me over voltage error. Im feeding it 12V and enough amps from a Pc supply, but the output 12V have only around uA, so its not directly connected. I checked only the n mosfet near output joins and as part its ok.

imax b6ac manuale italiano

I didnt saw any burnt parts, or bulbed electrolytic capacitors. I will check the other parts from under the unit, when the equipment for this will arrive Any idea what could that be? I was thing of dickhead move of manufacturer, that it was supose fail after amount of time Thanks for any idea Matthew.

First thing I'd check is the mosfet, measure and see if it's shorted. Armadillo Super Contributor Posts: Country:. The VT13 P-mosfet should be defective.

Take it out of the circuit and check it. It is not shorted, but offered high resistance from Vin to the output hence your low current. Thanks for fast replies. I checked both N-mosfets. One is on photo, another is near output pins and is different brand.

It is ok, when i apply VGS around 3. Is that a problem? At 2V i get resistance Im sorry. I really couldnt find the VT13 P-mosfet no metter how hard i try looking. I would advice against repairing something that you charge a highly flammable lipo batteries with.

imax b6ac manuale italiano

Be safe and practice your knowledge safely. I probably will buy the genuine imax charger, but for now I have no money to spend. So i have to get this charger fixed for half a year, or better full year.Quick Links. Table of Contents Introduction.

Special Features. Warning and Safety Notes. Program Flow Chart. Explanation of Buttons. Power and Battery Connection. Charge Operation. Pb Lead-acid Battery Program. DJI Battery Program. Battery Memory Set and Call Out. System Setting. Battery Voltage Meter.

Battery Resistance Meter.

IMAX B6AC V2 Professional Balance caricatore / scaricatore

Warning and Error Message. The Set Contains. Conformity Declaration. Regulatory Information. Commonly Used Terms.

SkyRC IMAX B6AC V2 Professional Balance Charger/Discharger

Warranty and Service.One of the most popular models on the market, this charger does pretty much everything you could ask of a specialist hobby-grade battery charger. Loved by fans of RC vehicles, helicopters and boats alike, it is the go to charger for your whole collection, with the functionality to cope with pretty much every battery type out there!

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The unit also functions as a discharger, meaning that you can safely prep, use and store your batteries with just this one machine to help. Medium blue in colour, it incorporates charger, discharger, cell balancer and cyclic battery refresher all in the one portable unit.

imax b6ac manuale italiano

Plugging in a temperature probe will also cause whatever process is being run to stop if the battery reaches an unsafe temperature. When set up correctly, the owner can also input a charging current limit, capacity limit and processing limit as added precautions. Unfortunately, the popularity of the B6AC charger has lead to a number of fakes making their way into the market, and a number of RC hobby customers get duped. There should also be instructions on how to do this in the box.

Any evidence of hand-soldered components or lack of consistent branding is a dead giveaway, and you should report the product source. The importance of getting hold of a real, quality charger is not to be underestimated.

imax b6ac manuale italiano

Charging is pretty much the most dangerous part of RC hobby battery ownership, and the money you save on a cheaper charger you could easily loose fold in a fire if it malfunctions! Battery component chemicals such as Lithium are highly flammable on contact with air, and this will basically cause an explosion, so be sure to watch out.

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